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4 Maret 2015

Samsung Young young2 SM-G130H Usb Charging Problem Solution Jumper Ways

1. Samsung Young 2 SM-G130H usb charging solution,
2. Samsung Young 2 SM-G130H usb not recognised not detected

Plug in usb cable into PC and Phone jack, Read notifications on the screen phone recognised or not. Check out you can save data to memory card or not. Replace usb data cable and try again.
Replace Usb charger and try again can it charge or not.

If you are facing charging problem in Samsung Young 2 SM-G130H and have test all above steps to solve this problem in it. Dis assemble the phone and then look at phone for water and carbon damages. Make it clean with electronics cleaner and apply heat with heat gun to make it dry.
Keep in mind heat should not be more and much because it can harm your skin and damage the mother board. So keep it in normal flow and look at the parts carefully.
Track all these paths and components as shown in diagram above. all these tracks are given in different colors so that you can find out the jumper ways easily.
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